Ride to the Flags XII

Fully-Escorted Coastal Motorcycle Ride Benefiting US Army Green Beret SFC Joe Lowery


An update on RTTFXII:

In 2008, we started the Ride to the Flags as a way to commemorate the heroes and victims of 9/11 and to raise funds for those injured fighting in battle ever since. Three years later, we started the White Heart Foundation, a one-of-a-kind military charity that allows you to give 100 percent of your donations directly to those who need it.

In the beginning, White Heart was simply the body that allowed the Ride to the Flags to operate. That changed in 2014, when the foundation started year-round operations, ensuring that our few select Ride to the Flags beneficiaries had what they needed on a smaller, attainable level. 

By the end of 2018, our network had grown to a couple dozen warriors and was engaged in projects like the Guardian Project post-traumatic stress eco-therapy retreat and the One Life medical program.

As recently as May of this year, our foundation assembled a team of surgeons to provide life-changing surgery on a double amputee, completed two partial house builds, a therapy pool build, and provided numerous transportation services.

We have been doing amazing things, and we are grateful for your partnership through it all. None of this would have been possible without the ride. As we continue to devote more and more time to the ride’s original mission of helping our nation's severely injured veterans, we’re faced with a harsh reality: the lack of man-power to manage both the event and the charity has pushed us to our limits.

Having said that, I wanted to let you know that, after careful consideration, I believe it is in our best interest to postpone RTTF XII until Sept 2020—and come back much stronger.

I say this as the last person who would ever want to make this decision.  I am in a unique position to witness the immense stress the foundation is under to continue delivering a quality product for our warriors and our growing programs. Pausing that to focus months of effort on RTTF would do a disservice to our current warriors and the longevity of our foundation.

At the current time, our focus is to make sure White Heart has the resources it needs to keep up with our expansion while staying on mission—all the while, building RTTF XII to be something better than it has ever been and to make sure we have an even bigger impact on our beneficiary heroes.

Even though the ride will be postponed until 2020, our largest sponsors have raised their donation this year to support the foundation in absence of the Ride to the Flags—a gesture that left us speechless with gratitude.

If you would like to support the foundation in lieu of the Ride to the Flags this year, you can do so below.

I appreciate your understanding and your ongoing support.

We’re looking forward to 2020!

All the best,

RyanSignatureGood Final_White.png

Ryan Sawtelle

Executive Director // White Heart Foundation

Founder // Ride to the Flags


P.S. The Wave of Flags memorial will still be erected on Pepperdine’s front lawn for the two-week period starting on September 7, 2019.


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