Ride to the Flags IX

Fully-Escorted Coastal Motorcycle Ride Benefiting Marine Cpl. Caleb Getscher - 9/11/16

You: You

White Heart (WH)


You: Question...when is the Ride to the Flags IX?
WH: Sunday, September 11th

You: What time does check in start?
WH: 0730

You: I can't read military time.
WH: Dude, it's just 7:30am 

You: That's earlier than last year.
WH: Because you were wicked late last year.

You: What is new this year?
WH: Top 10 fundraisers get VIP access.  Which basically amounts to free beer and food.  Which is worth it, amirite?  We made a few smaller tweaks to the program.

You: Cool.  How do I register?
WH: Go to the "Register" tab at the top of the page and click "Registration Page"

You: When I did that, it created a personal fundraising page for me.  Do I have to raise funds?
WH: You don't HAVE to, but we'd sure like you to try.  Even if you ask a couple family members and a co-worker, that helps our fundraising efforts tremendously.

You: Is this only a motorcycle event - my brother has a Kia Optima but wants to take part.
WH: The ride is only for motorcycles.

You: But it's a sweet Kia with an American Flag paint job.
WH: Yeah.  Still no. 

You: Can he come to the rally?
WH: Yes. Parking at Pepperdine University and the adjacent lot across Malibu Canyon Rd.  Entry to the rally for someone not participating in the Ride to the Flags is $20.

You: Can trikes come?
WH: Yes.

You: What about scooters?
WH: I mean....ok, fine. Actually, yeah, do it. That's hilarious. 

You: Can I still register at the check-in if I didn't preregister?
WH: Yes.  But pre-registering makes our lives much easier.  So please do that.

You: Will I still get my patch and tshirt?
WH: Maybe.  We guarantee items for people who preregister.  If we have any items left over after setting aside items for those that prereg - you could get one.  We're printing 650 patches. Once we're out, we're out.  Patches will not be for sale at the rally.  We ran out of tshirts last year and a lot of people didn't get them because they didn't preregister. 

You: That sucks.
WH: YOU suck for not preregistering.

You: Well, that was unnecessary.
WH: Not preregistering is unnecessary.

You: Look, is this how the rest of this conversation is going to be?
WH: Sorry.

You: Can I still purchase those items?
WH: Everything but the patch, assuming we have some left over.

You: What form of payments do you take?
WH: Cash, card, check.  Cash is king.  Bitcoin would be cool but we have no idea how to accept that.  And if you write a check we'll all laugh at you.

You: When is the rally?
WH: From noon-4pm, technically.  Most bikers are gone by 230 or 3.  But you can stay until we kick you out.

You: What is the cost to enter for people that don't do the ride?
WH: $20 per person.

You: What comes with that $20?
WH: A smile.  It helps support the foundation and LCpl. Getscher.

You: When I think of more questions, I'll ask.
WH: Sounds good.

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