Ride to the Flags XI

Fully-Escorted Coastal Motorcycle Ride Benefiting USN CPO Holly Katke 09/08/18

Here's the deal.

The ride is free.  It always will be.

The rally, however, is not.   Along with the rally cost, you'll get some incentives.

If you'd like to attend the rally, you must fundraise at least $30.  When you register, a fundraising page will automatically be created in your name.  You should donate to your own page and then get friends, family and coworkers to donate, as well.  Every dollar you raise above $10 ($15 if you raise $50+)  will go directly to the campaign to help the housing needs of Cpl. Zac Gore. White Heart takes the first $10 to help cover our costs for the event.  All the rest of those dollars will go to helping afford a family vehicle for the Gore family. If we raise anything about that (fingers crossed), we'll help with some gas and insurance - and the rest of it will go into our "Any Warrior" account to help support needs of other warriors on our network.

Just at least $30 to enter.  That's all.


But we REALLY hope you do more.  $30 is nothing for the sacrifice Zac and his family made.

If you raise:

$30 - you'll receive a limited edition patch.  (These will NOT be available for sale at the rally or at future rallies)
$50 - you'll receive the patch and a ride shirt.
$100 - you'll receive patch, shirt, and a challenge coin.
$500 - EVERY $500 raised gets you a raffle ticket for a drawing to win a special prize to be announced.

Also, raising $500 isn't as hard as you think.  On average, 7 donors to your page make up over $500.  Just shoot an email to family and friends and you'll be surprised.

Top 5 fundraisers get VIP tent access, which entitles you to free snacks and drinks. No one is getting free massages, pedicures, and striking insane business deals in the tent so please don't bother our volunteers to get into the tent as if you're going to be entering the magical land of Narnia.  It's just a dumb tent.

IF YOU DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE RIDE, AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME TO THE RALLY, THE ENTRANCE FEE IS $20.  You will not be eligible for a patch or the door prize.  This IS a fundraiser - and a biker one, at that.  It is very geared towards a certain clientele. 

Every dollar you spend on the morning vendors DIRECTLY supports your local military base clubs - Navy Wives, Chiefs Mess, etc. We hope this encourages more people to attend the ceremony and ride.

By donating at LEAST $30 AND participating in the Ride to the Flags X, you will receive a wristband with a tear-off tab.  That tab will be you entry to win the door prize.  This year, we are giving away a week-long stay in Hawaii.  No joke.  Do it.  Win the getaway. 

Let's do this.

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