Ride to the Flags XI

Fully-Escorted Coastal Motorcycle Ride Benefiting USN HMC Holly Katke 09/08/18

You: You

White Heart (WH)


You: Question...when is the Ride to the Flags XI?
WH: Saturday, September 8th

You: What time does check in start?
WH: 0730

You: I can't read military time.
WH: Dude, it's just 7:30am 

You: I'm usually still in bed by then.
WH: Give us your number and we'll give you a wakeup call.  We need to get there earlier than in year's past to make it easier on everyone - that includes the Naval Base.

You: Ok, fine.  How do I register?
WH: Go to the "Register" tab at the top of the page and click "Register" from the dropdown menu.

You: When I did that, it created a personal fundraising page for me.  Do I have to raise funds?
WH: You don't HAVE to, but we'd sure like you to try.  Even if you ask a couple family members and a co-worker, that helps our fundraising efforts tremendously.  Statistics show that if you can get 7 people to donate, on average, you will raise over $500.

You: Is this only a motorcycle event - my brother has a Kia Optima but wants to take part.
WH: The ride is only for motorcycles.  Condolences to your brother.

You: But it's a sweet Kia with an American Flag paint job.
WH: Eeeeyeah, I'm sure it is.  Still no. 

You: Can he come to Rally Americana?
WH: Yes. Parking on Malibu Canyon Rd.  Entry to Rally Americana for someone not participating in the Ride to the Flags is $20.  They will not receive a door prize ticket or a patch, however.

You: What's the door prize?
WH: A week-long stay at the Royal Kona Resort in Hawaii.

You: Wait.  Seriously?
WH: Yup.  We're stepping it up a notch.

You: Can trikes come?
WH: Yes.

You: What about scooters?
WH: I mean....ok, fine. Actually, yeah, do it. That's pretty hilarious. 

You: Can I still register at the check-in if I didn't preregister?
WH: Yes.  But pre-registering makes our lives much easier.  So please do that. 

You: Will I still get my patch and tshirt?
WH: Maybe.  We guarantee shirts for people who preregister.  If we have any items left over after setting aside shirts for those that prereg - you could get one.  We're printing 650 patches. Once we're out, we're out.  Patches will not be for sale at the rally.  Get there early to get a patch.

You: That sucks.
WH: YOU suck for not preregistering.

You: Well, that was unnecessary.
WH: Not preregistering is unnecessary.

You: Look, is this how the rest of this conversation is going to be?
WH: Sorry.

You: Can I still purchase those items?
WH: Everything but the patch, assuming we have some left over.

You: What form of payments do you take?
WH: Cash, card, check.  Cash is king.  Bitcoin would be cool but we have no idea how to accept that.  And if you write a check we'll all laugh at you.

You: When is Rally Americana?
WH: From 11:00am-3:00pm, technically.  Most bikers are gone by 230, honestly, but we'll be hanging around.  You can stay until we kick you out unless you want to help us clean up.  

You: No.  The thing is...I have plans right after...and....
WH: Sure you do, guy.  Sure you do.

You: What is the cost to enter for people that don't do the ride?
WH: There is no cost this year.  We're hoping this attracts more people to come out and donate.  This is a fundraiser so we hope that you would come out and donate.  

You: Where does my money go?
WH: First $10 of the biker's donation goes to White Heart to help us offset the expenses.  ($15 if donating $50 or more and $20 for $100 and more - helps us offset the costs).  The rest will go to help afford rehabilitation equipment and services for Chief Petty Officer Holly Katke and family.  Anyone who donates to your fundraising page and ISN'T a biker, 100% of that goes to Holly.  If we make more than what we need we'll put the rest in our "Any Warrior" account that is used for pressing items and services that our other warriors may need.

You: When I think of more questions, I'll ask.
WH: Sounds good.

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